Getting Free From Overwhelm – Time For Focus

Getting Free From Overwhelm – Time For Focus is the theme of this post and it is a little autobiographic as I have been a little overloaded and overthinking myself over the last few months as I consider my future business direction.

Recently I gave you some thoughts on why people fail to give the right amount of thought into which network marketing company and sponsor they choose and why that is a key reason people give up on the network marketing industry.

You can read that post HERE.


Overwhelm is another roadblock to our success in business, especially with the raft of internet marketing education systems going round. Never ending facebook ads from so called gurus make it sound so easy and then when you get behind the mask there are tons of complications, upsells and never ending emails and facebook groups to contend with.

Once you get into the internet marketing community, there is no escaping the clever marketing strategies and temptations.

That is why I try to keep it simple. When you subscribe to this blog you will get a simple 5 day Facebook strategy that WILL grow your business. The value of that? Well others charge upwards of $50 and the end value is all to do with how you apply it and how many new sales or team members you get.

There is overwhelm in other areas too.

Setting Goals – Are You Asking Too Much Of Yourself?

Writing Goals is a great thing to do but often they are only wishes without an action plan and that can lead to disappointment, disallusion and even depression. Believe me, I know all about depression. I have suffered with this terrible mental torment for many years. Yes, I am able to get beyond it most times but it is THE most debilitating condition.

So when you set your goals, make them realistic and develop a daily action plan that you can keep to so that they are achievable.

I have a ranking goal that I want to achieve. That depends upon my leadership! This is because my team needs to rank before I do.

So my action plans depend on my ability to keep people motivated, provide platforms and strategies for them to succeed toward their own goals.

It is best to Keep It Simple Stupid because complication can lead to that dreaded overwhelm.

Some leaders often say, reach for the stars and even if you don’t reach your goal you could land on the moon!

That is possibly true but it can also lead to massive disappointment and giving up.

So be SMART. Be realistic and make sure you have a plan to make your goals achievable!

Overthinking and Taking Too Much On

In the world of the internet nowadays there is temptation everywhere. Sponsored ads all over social media appealing to what seems like your thoughts and considerations in that very moment! Amazing right?

I think about getting a new set of golf clubs, log in to facebook and all of a sudden those bright, shiny clubs are inviting me to buy! Everytime I look at the news on a newspaper website, their ads appeal directly to me!

It is like those Black Friday sales. They are only bargains if you intended to buy anyway. Otherwise they are just Doodads. Things you don’t need but the sales persuade you to want them.

So we need to be careful in what we think, what we take on.

Chunk it down.

Don’t have too much going on at once or else you will find yourself unable to function. Master your craft one step at a time.

When I was being coached by Tony Robbins’s group that was the main thing my coach was telling me.

Chunk it down into small steps so you can manage. Don’t try to do too many things at once.

For example. My main purpose today was to complete this post. I have lots of other stuff to be doing but I need to finish this before I move on. In fact I am learning how to master a new WordPress version as I go along. So my next post will be easier. I am ready. I am firing. I will master the aiming later. More on that below.

There can be so much to learn and if you take on too much at a time then your functionality can decrease.

I think my major success periods in my business have been the times where I just took action out of ignorance!

I rang, messaged and emailed people so enthusiastically that they either thought I was mad or that I was onto something even when I didn’t have the info!

One of my mentors shared this with me.

Get Ready and then Fire. Aim later when you know a little more.

For example. You don’t have to be a master at social media before you post a picture or some thoughts.

I have broken Facebook Marketing into 5 simple steps if you subscribe to our Dream Builder guide. You can start to market your business using FREE social media strategies. There are even daily video guides to inform you as you go along.

Master that and you will get many, many social media followers without spending a penny. Then you can move onto other stuff.


I hope you have found this post helpful. It has been helpful for me at least, to reconsider MY strategies. We can too easily get distracted from our main purpose, our main goals, if we over complicate things and take on TOO MUCH information at once. Trying to reach the summit of a mountain before we have reached a base camp.

Identifying your purpose and your main goal and taking small steps every day to achieve that will serve you well over time.

Have a great day. Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Excellent article Pete !!! The content was great and hearing it from a trusted friend increased the impact all the more. I really got a lot from it. Thanks. 🙂

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