The Curse Of Network Marketing

What do you think is the curse of network marketing?

Is it the reputation of the industry? The cost of the products? The companies that go bust on wide eyed and bushy tailed wannabe’s who desire to get rich by channeling a couple of weeks energy on something new and shiny?

My thinking is this:

People give up before they realise their potential. Success doesn’t come quick enough. Something bright and shiny comes along to tempt them away from the last bright and shiny thing.

Some people don’t realise that it takes a bit of work to build a residual income within any Network Marketing business. I would say that is the curse of network marketing. Not staying in the game.

They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Well, to be honest, you don’t really need to be tough, you just need to do little things every day consistently over time and the effort is never wasted. Unless you are repeating strategies that do not work!

Like social media for instance. Blasting out propaganda about you product, how you are making a fortune etc all over the internet isn’t going to make too many friends. You need to be professional in your approach and you need to increase your audience every week, even every day.

I share how to do that in the newsletter you receive if you subscriber to my Dream Builder Guide from this blog or you can go to a resource offered by My Lead System Pro HERE  

The main thing is to work smart. Don’t parrot on the strategies that do not work for you in the past. You need to get some education on marketing, especially online strategies.

As I have always emphasised from the beginning of this blog creation:

Do Your Due Diligence before choosing an opportunity!

This is critical. Because if you are going to think long term you need a long term company. Check out the company and their products. Do some comparisons within the industry. How long have they been doing business? Is there integrity within the organisation. Do they offer support?

Let’s face it. You wouldn’t just buy any other kind of product or business investment without first checking it out thoroughly would you?

Choose A Sponsor Who Will Support You

The person who introduces you into any MLM/Network Marketing Business is your mentor in the beginning. They need to be able to help you with knowledge of processes and marketing strategies. If not them, you need to be in direct contact of the person or persons above them.  A  lot of so called MLM/Network Marketing sponsors are just sales people who are simply interested in the sale without ongoing support.

These are the two decisions that are critical to your success in this industry.

Product – Does It Inspire You? Do You Have Passion For It?

For me, this is important. Because if I have congruency with a product – believe in it – it gives me motivation to promote it. I get offered affiliate marketing and network marketing opportunities most days, but very rarely do I feel some inspiration in the products offered. For me, if I do not have integrity with any offer I make to my prospects then I just can’t get involved.

So choose the industry, product range that you feel you can promote over the long term.

The Money!

So here is the crux, I guess. If you want to promote this opportunity long term, how much are you going to be paid. MLM/Network Marketing Companies all sorts of ways for their distributors to get paid and most of them have monthly targets to reach to benefit fully from the pay plans.

For example – you would need to buy a certain amount of product before you can earn fully from anyone beneath you in the pay plan. You may need to recruit a minimum number of people or have a minimum number of people active. All these are ways to incentivise you to make sales and often a reason why most people give up!

Matrix, Binaries all sorts of systems which in the main are confusing and are created for the company finances  rather than the distributor network.

That is why, for my primary business, I chose a direct sales model that offers HIGH TICKET direct sales commissions and has offered me a residual income over 9 years. No monthly targets, a one off purchase (enabled with company finance) , an asset you can use for life,  once qualified always qualified, quickly to $1000 a sale and, of course, it is a product I have congruence with and passion for.

So, like me, you just need to go through all the considerations above and then STICK WITH YOUR CHOICE!

You maybe right where you want to be. You have chosen well from the beginning, or you are looking for something that lights you up right now, so now the important thing is to stick with it. Get the educational resources you need to make the most of your network marketing business.

Know that there are MILLIONS OF PEOPLE desperate for a secondary or primary income out there. They are searching for someone to follow, a sponsor who cares. Someone who is as committed to them as they are to their own success!

Is that you?

Are you someone people can rely on. Have you created for yourself  an AVATAR,  the embodiment of you to the outside world. Do you look as though you can be trusted, inspiring, likable?

You can start with your social media image. Is it professional. Are you posting positive stuff on facebook instagram etc or are you limiting your audience by being contentious? Do you share gossip or unseemly images?

Cut that crap out!

Have you identified the ideal prospect, customer? Are you posting, emailing to this audience? If I were you, I would do a bit of research on this – perhaps within your company. What age range buy your product. at income bracket? Nationality? The more you know , the greater your ability to appeal.

Don’t Give Up.

You hear this all the time, don’t you. Just paying your monthly product forever and not bothering to recruit anyone or share the products, is still giving up!

Continuing to market your product and business, in whatever small way, is NOT GIVING UP!

This is NETWORK MARKETING. You need to network and your need to market. Follow what successful people do and you will find success. Most of that is in the mental approach to business, as much as physical activity.

How you talk to yourself is most important. Your brain listens to your thoughts. If you constantly think you can’t do something, your brain will activate that for you in your everyday activity. It will save you the energy by saying, “Let’s just binge watch, VIKINGS on Prime today.” (really good series by the way)

How to network? I use social media and word press to spread the word and link all that to email marketing. Whatever suits you. I know many people who are successful using traditional phone, word of mouth marketing in this industry who are hugely successful.

The biggest industry in our niche out there is Network Marketing education. I offer FREE help in this blog but there are many commercial offerings out there. People like Eric Worre is good to follow in my opinion and EVENTS WIN PRIZES. If you promote events, your company events or other inspirational events to your team, then you advance the sales in your organisation. It is simple. You learn yourself, and your team gets inspiration too. A sure fire winner!!

So, I believe the curse of network marketing is giving up at the first hurdle. Not believing in yourself. Picking the wrong company and sponsor at the beginning and losing faith in the industry when in reality our success is within ourselves and not some external circumstance.

This blog is designed to help you succeed. I hope you find help in here, whether you join me in business or not. Because my friend, I believe you can succeed and I subscribe to the statement below……..




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