Digital Marketing For Dummies – How Hard Can It Be?

Digital Marketing For Dummies – How Hard Can It Be?

I bought this book the other day, Digital Marketing For Dummies, because I had a bit of time on my hands in a coffee shop ironically,  without any digital technology as I was waiting for my smart phone and tablet to be prepared from the shop.

As I began reading this excellent book , I reflected on my own digital life.


Yes, I have a couple of those. I have built a following over a number of years and I am still reasonably active on this blog.

Email Service

Yes. I am using an automated email service. Have done for many years. Aweber is my chosen email marketing tool.

Social Media

Yes. I have Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter

So I am all tooled up.

Most of my followers from years ago have all the tools too. Some of them are successful in their Digital Marketing. Others not so.

So what is the difference between success and failure in the Digital World?


Yep. It isn’t the tools that make you successful. It is how you use them. That is why having a Digital Marketing Mentor is so helpful. A done for you system or a strategy.

And this is what Digital Marketing for Dummies offers you. Strategies

The co-authors of this book, Ryan Diess and Russ Henneberry know their stuff.

There is great content within it on:

  • How to get started
  • Using Content to Generate Fans, Followers and Customers
  • Generating Website Traffic
  • Measuring, Analyzing and Optimizing Campaigns
  • Suggestions on tools, Skills, and what common mistakes there are.

Now I am not an Amazon affiliate. So when I share this link it is not gaining me any income or traction.

I am gaining lots of insights from the book and it is definitely helping me move forward but the intricacies of Digital Marketing strategies are definitely helped by having a ready made system, mentors and strategies that do most of my work for me.

So, I would definitely recommend you study Digital Marketing For Dummies, but to save you a lot of time and effort, I equally recommend that you find a system and mentors who have a commitment to your success online – such as the community I belong to,

Click to Explore HEAL – A Digital Community for Succeeding Online

Enjoy your Digital Marketing.  Keep me posted on how you get on with the book.

Every success to you





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