The Making Of Millionaires In Network Marketing

What is the difference between a successful network marketer and those who haven’t made it?

When I consider my Millionaire Network Marketing friends, I have realised, just as Eric Worre did in his excellent presentation here, How To Recruit 20 People Into 30 Days, (a video I never tire of recommending)  that it is all about full out commitment.

This is referred as ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION and most Network Marketing Millionares do this for at least 1 or 2 90 day periods….. and by AOMA we are talking about FULL DAYS of super charged effort and commitment.

For example, I have just begun promoting a new programme and I am on the case all the time. Everyone of my contacts know that I am involved and lots of queries are coming forward. I am not saying my efforts have found the motherload but I know that if I continue with my efforts new leaders will be found who are as committed to this programme as I am.

So it was with my primary business. I went all in for a few months and despite many issues that seemed to get in the way, my team leaders were identified then all of a sudden, my business grew and grew without any direct input from me.

That is what is cool about our network marketing industry. In the end it is all about fishing for leaders. People who have the passion for our product and finding people like us, people who have the desire to succeed.

To me that is what AOMA is all about. Fishing for leaders. Seeking entrepreneurs who have the determination to overcome any obstacle put in their way to build a legacy business with a network marketing programme.

So what actions can you take to become a success in our industry? Here are a few tips.

  1. Agree with yourself that you are committing full on for 90 days (full time or part time)
  2. Set a definite time frame for each day for your action steps
  3. Begin with your warm list – speak to everyone you consider a leadership prospect and tell them of your commitment
  4. Commit to each of your sign ups to ensure you maximise on their prospects as well as your own
  5. Use social media to build relationships, engage in conversations and create curiosity
  6. Get friendly with your telephone!

There are many more steps you can take, of course and it depends on what has worked for you in the past. Are you good on the telepone? Do you use Whatsapp messaging etc? Are you more successful using Facebook or Messenger? Ray Higdon teaches great messenger strategies in his Rank Makers programme. Perhaps if that is where you think you can get going, you could look at that. Many people are succeeding with Facebook prospecting strategies.

Whichever strategy you are most comfortable with, start with that, but do it every day in a consistent way.

After that it is definitely get out of your comfort zone time!! You know the saying about the definition of insanity : You cannot keep doing the same things and expect a different result.

We can all get comfortable and lose momentum in our business because we sat on normal or no activity whilst others raced ahead.


Have you heard that phrase before? This is your list of big players that you may be afraid to approach. Everyone of the network marketing millionaires that I know were aready successful marketers in other opportunities and some one bravely approached them and their fortunes changed dramatically.


Who is on YOUR chicken list? Could you at least ask the question: “Would you be interested in looking at something on the side that I think you would find financially beneficial?”


Have you noticed that more and more entrepreneurs and network marketers are doing Facebook Lives nowadays? Why are they doing that, do you think?

It is because they do two things.

1. They give you authority and recognition as a leader

2. They increase engagement – business conversation.

I must admit, I found this difficult in the beginning. I started within my team group and then to my FB Marketing page and then to my personal profile.

Definitely though, it is worth it. The trick with this strategy is the CALL TO ACTION at the end of your video so you encourage engagement and enquiries. Not every video needs to be a pitch. You could just be offering tips on different aspects of marketing etc. You just want to build a new audience or increase your standing with your current audience.

Take a deep breath and #JustDoIt

I hope this post has helped you begin to take the action you need to succeed.

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