A Digital Life – Ideas To Set You Free!

Do you have a dream of travelling the world, or enjoying creating an income from your laptop or mobile phone?

What’s stopping you?

Is it a lack of knowledge, a system? Do you lack the confidence to make the jump?

When I started building a part time online business I had no idea where to start. I needed a mentor and a product so I just searched on the internet to find one.

There were a number of false starts. Some of them were my fault as I just didn’t grasp the systems or technology and some were because the companies folded or my mentors didn’t deliver.

Then I was introduced to one company where my mentor taught me email marketing and solo ad strategies that seemed to work for us, but the opportunity we were working with disappeared and we were left to try to find something else to hang our hat on.


I was forced into full time online marketing in January 2010 when redundancy hit me hard and I committed solely to my current primary business full time in March 2013.

I began wordpress blogging linked to social media marketing and my primary began to take off with near 1800 sales of high ticket products and that began to launch me as an offline mentor as well as an online marketer.

Exciting times.

But as always, the Digital world makes changes and I needed to change my strategies too. And social media strategies are now taking me to a new level in my business space.

The thing is , I didn’t mope about redundancy, I took my future in my own hands and everytime the industry moved on, I moved on too!

So I have travelled the world for business and pleasure, built a holiday home in Thailand on land we have planted with exotic fruit to nourish us as we relax in the sunshine.

I have teams of people in over 20 countries around the world who are building their own legacy business with my primary and this new system I have adopted is moving things forward very fast for them too.

Is it time to take your future into your own hands too?

I invite you to join me in THE MOST ACTIVE GROUP OF ONLINE MARKETERS IN THE WORLD and begin to see how you can break out. of the normal and live a life of FREE CHOICE.

When I look outside my home office and see the sunshine, I can move outside and enjoy it or put my golf clubs in the car and go play a round . When I want a break from home I can book a flight or drive where and when I want.

The only boss I have is what drives me – the brain between my ears and the heart that inspires me.

I love it when I can help other people enjoy that freedom too,

So if you lack knowledge or skill to achieve that FREEDOM then I invite you to join us, an online community that is dedicated to help you succeed and live a life of choice not a life living to other peoples requirements and demands.

This is an environment full of influencers who will guide you like no other online community I have every known.

What you will receive:
  • Mentorship from genuine 7 and hight 6 figure earners
  • Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Training
  • Bi weekly live webinars
  •  Entry into supportive facebook groups
  •  Entry into my team messenger groupF
  • FREE Professional Coaching Call
  • Continuous support from me, my team and our amazing community

I was asked today what I am most grateful for.

Well I immediately thought of my wife, children, grandchildren and my friends. Of course. Family comes first for me but without doubt, I am hugely grateful for my digital lifestyle which means I am FREE to do what I want, when I want.

I can write this post from the beach, a coffee shop, my holiday home in Thailand , and I have done many times. I can operate my business from my mobile phone. Emails pop into my phone telling me that my business expands daily. I can see when my automated emails are opened from an an app on my phone. I can see how many people visit this website from an app on my phone. I can post onto social media from my phone. Make videos. Do facebook lives.

I have no restrictions on when and where I operate in this digital world and all the time those $1000 days occur without direct action from myself as my team often do that for me.

Now, I can offer you a system, I am certain can help you do exactly all of that, including those $1000 days!

So here it is…. the link! You knew it was coming, didn’t you.


Clicking that link and watching a FREE NO OBLIGATION WEBINAR could change your life, just as mine has changed.

Without doubt you will be joining a community dedicated to helping you succeed and within a year you will be on your way to a life of your own choosing, I am sure.


It may just be the start of a great new beginning!!

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