Being Congruent With Your Network Marketing Product

Are you Congruent With Your Network Marketing Product?

One of the primary rules of a traditional network marketing business is to use the product and share it with friends and family etc. Whether you are an online or offline network marketer you really need to be using your product, share your results and then you have congruence and integrity in your business. If you fall out of love with your product then you cannot really have integrity in your business because network marketing is not like a retail sales business, it is a business built on personal recommendation and referrals.

My Passion For My Company Product

My company is Enagic. It is a company with a reputation of having the highest standard water ionisers in the world. Our ionisers that enable customers to make healthy Kangen Water in their homes, are registered medical devices. They are indeed the Gold Standard within the field of water ionisation for health and I am proud of that. So I drink the water,I share the water (our offline modus operendi is to share water for FREE so that customers can feel the benefit before they buy) and my seminars present the water along with our amazing compensation plan.

I share a video that explains the amazing nature of Kangen Water and how it can help our customers.

Obviously, I would love to talk about my product if you would like to know more.

Are You A Passionate Advocate Of Your Product?

So, do you represent YOUR company as a passionate advocate or are you just playing the money game?

I believe that is why so many network marketers fail. They really don’t believe in a product, they are just chasing the money. I share a bit about the dangers of switching opportunities or chasing new launches etc in this post SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME – THE CURSE OF MLM but there are other dangers too. If you don’t believe in what you are representing then you cannot really be genuine about your recommendations to others to either become customers or distributors in your team.

So, if you are searching for a new network marketing company, or you are already in a business, find your passion within that business product. If your company offers multiple products then at least find one you are happy to use and recommend and lead with that.

There are lots of MLM companies out there, some are listed and ranked some are not. My company, for instance is not listed in MLM rankings because it does not consider itself an MLM and does not submit itself. There are lots of opportunities out there. Find something that floats your boat and then stick to it. You can read my thoughts on STICKABILITY in this post – From Newbie To Successful Network Marketer

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I attended a number of Tony Robbins events. I recommend that to you if you are looking for inspiration. Tony ALWAYS talks about passion because it is so important for you to build your present into an extraordinary life. It is true for network marketers both for their business development and in their congruence in recommending their products to potential customers.

You could be in the weight loss shake industry. There are tons of these kind of businesses and products out there. What makes one distributor more successful than another in this hugely competitive niche? Yes. It is passion, congruence and stickability.

Spraying Links Like An Aerosol!

Yesterday I saw a post on facebook from one of my customers who joined my business on my 9th level, I think. He was recommending an online lead generation product. It was the bees knees and it was going to change his life and many others. He pitched a link straight to facebook and he had just 1 Like! Who was the Like from? It was his own! No credibility. He is an MLM junkie with no prospects of success because 1. He has no congruence with his product 2. He switches from one thing to another and loses credibility.

Spraying MLM links on social media like an aerosol or confetti expecting big players to join your business is just not going to work. You need to have credibilty, integrity, determination, stickability and passion for your product and opportunity.

Please don’t be a network marketing junkie. Find something that you are passionate about and stick with it. Your rewards will be success and you will look at all those confetti link sprayers with a little pity, because they just haven’t “got it”

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