Be Kind – The Key To Success Without Regret

#BeKind has been my mantra for quite a few years now. It has helped me form relationships with people that I now treasure. It has helped me in my business and allowed me to mentor people to success without regret that I was underhand or didn’t support those who needed it.

It has been the foundation of my life since I realised that you cannot really, truly find happiness if you do not treat people with respect and act within true principles.

The greatest teachers the world has ever known have taught the principles of love and forgiveness. Letting go. Living in the present. Being present. From the Buddha to Jesus to the greatest community leaders we have known. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Sister Teresa, Nelson Mandela all shared similar principles.

I cannot pretend that I have mastered all the teachings of our religious, spiritual or community leaders. I am certainly not perfect, but I try to live with this principle of #BeKind. Even though I often find it difficult I try to let go and live in the present.

I think this is my major difficulty – letting go of the past. So many regrets.

However I find that if I keep to my principles of #BeKind with my network marketing business, I have had no regrets. I lead with this principle in mind. I try to teach it as best I can. I try to find the time that everyone in my team needs, no matter how deep they are in my organisation.

This has sometimes meant that I have had to correct some people in my organisation as they have strayed from good principles to underhanded actions thinking that money making is what it is all about, when the reality is that build that LIKE, KNOW, TRUST thing is a forever activity not just ending at the initial sale!

My last post talked about those SLIDING DOOR moments. Different actions leading to different outcomes. I believe though, that as long as our decisions are considered, thoughtful and with a good heart, then most of the time they turn out in a good way.

My current network marketing business has served me well. It has led to me receiving a residual income from very little effort – even in times of difficulty where I couldn’t work – it has provided a good income for me and my family.

So, some tips if you want to use this principle in your network marketing business:

  1. Accept people for who they are and where they are in our industry
  2. Have patience with newbies
  3. Be the best sponsor you can be. Whether you are top of the tree or just getting started. Care about those people who follow you and guide them as best you can
  4. Lean on those above you who inspire you and have time to teach you. Just being one step ahead is giving you something you can teach others.
  5. Work your business deep. By this I mean, do not neglect the team members who are recruited by others. Often they can become orphans without leadership as their sponsors neglect them. Keep them as active as possible through your leadership and guidance
  6. Develop good communication systems to keep your team informed and supportive of one another. I use Whatsapp and Facebook groups but you can use any method you feel is useful to you.
  7. Set as good an example as you are able. From your activity to your manner of work, from your patience and support of others.
  8. Teach what has worked for you and as best as possible give examples of how it works.
  9. Be honest in your dealings. Do not cross a line you will regret having done so later.
  10. Be a stayer – don’t flit around from one business to another. If you stay the course, others will too.
  11. Remember KARMA. For every action there is a reaction. Make your actions the right ones and the right results

I hope you have found this post to be useful. It has certainly reminded me of the principles I have tried to apply and set me back on course to be true to my original intentions and goals.

Please share your opinions in the comment section below.

Enjoy your day and weeks ahead.

My constant wishes for your continued success.


Pete Chapman

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