What If? Maybe

What if I had done that? What if I had listened to them? What if I  had taken this or that action? Maybe things would have been different. Maybe ….just maybe..

Life is full of those sliding doors moments, don’t you think? Remember that movie, Sliding Doors?

Two scenarios took place. One where the character rushed to catch a train after being fired from her job and caught it and another when she missed it. Circumstances effecting her life changed dramatically, one where she ended up miserable and the other where she gradually improves her life.

How many times have you asked those questions? If only I had taken that decision or moved in that direction.

I remember Tony Robbins sharing with us that;

“It is in our decisions our destiny is formed.”

It is true, isn’t it? Each and every day we make decisions, from deciding when to get out of bed, what actions to take during the day etc.

Too often though we refect too much on the past and regret some of those decisions we made. I can certainly look back at some of the decisions I have made with some regret. However I know this to my cost that too much reflection can cause dither and loss of forward momentum. We can completely stall our future goal achievement by investing in too much regret.

This is very much a business blog designed to help people move forward in their network or affiliate marketing businesses of choice. So how can What if, Maybe reflections cause you to stall in your forward thinking and goal achievement?

Well, sometimes we can just fail to take action because we previously didn’t succeed in something totally unrelated or perhaps certain strategies haven’t worked out. Maybe teachings didn’t suit you but did work for others?

But we just need to accept there are pitfalls along the road to success. You have seen the success memes, right? The icebergs and the 3 feet from gold visuals?

For us as network marketers those shiny object temptations are always there to tempt us away from our good decisions of the past. Sometimes hard work begins to chip away at our belief and we can walk away from something that works towards something that promises us instant riches when in fact it is just as hard work when we strip away the shiny new  wrapping paper.

Let’s think about this indecision and doubt.

If it is to be it is up to me

That was a motivational quote on each table of a network marketing company seminar I went to many years ago. A company that I was the top retailer for in the 1980’s. I worked my nuts off to live that dream until the day they pulled the plug.

I did the same for Success University. Boy, I learned a ton of stuff from my mentor about email marketing and solo ads and just as I was about to push through and win at last, the plug was pulled and it went under.

But all the time that was happening, I was learning. I was building up my network marketing C.V.

I didn’t stop and ask What If? I moved on to the next opportunity and have ended with a residual income from my current business, something I have been active in for nearly 10 years.

All the time during those 10 years I have been tempted by friends to move onto something new and tempting. I just never saw the need. But sometimes, when there is a lull in sales, like during the Covid-19 pandemic, perhaps a What If comes along to tempt me.

Then my decision making just maybe, maybe, might create one of those sliding doors moments. Do I stay or do I go…. and of course, I have always stayed because the business I have has hundreds of people just like me who are still believing they can achieve their dreams through our current project!

I feel a responsibility for them. Just like my 3 children, my step children, my 9 grandchildren, I feel a responsibility for setting a good example. My network marketing team have trusted me either directly or indirectly and that is sometimes how leaders fail.

As a network marketing sponsor you take on other peoples dreams. They are often sold that the opportunity we promote, not always by sponsors but by companies, that lives can be changed for the positive , either through the products or through the compensation plans if they just buy into something.

That often means people just think that buying something leads to success, when in fact it requires hard work.

One of my mentors in my main opportunity has 1.6 million high ticket sales under them and a residual monthly income of high 6 figures! Do you think that happened without hard work from them or their team leaders? NO! It requires total commitment. No Maybe’s or What If’s. Full on commitment. Total determination and application.

Why am I writing this post?

If you have read this far, you can probably tell that I have had a bit of a moment of decision making. When I have looked at where I am in business, I have realised that IF IT IS TO BE, IT’S UP TO ME!

I am not going to be looking back at my network marketing business in a couple of years and think, What If or Maybe, I recognise that my financial destiny is in my own hands and I do not need to look elsewhere for my fortune. It is already within my reach.

Where are you on your network marketing journey? Are you where you want to be? What is stopping you?

I hope you can look at the posts within this blog for guidance to achieve you goal but whatever you do, don’t give up. On the other side of effort, the rewards are amazing.


Speak soon


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