The Hand Of A Stranger Who Became An Inspirational Friend

When I was at the bottom of a deep pit of depression and debt, a stranger came to the rescue. He didn’t realise how he changed my life in one conversation.

I had been made redundant from a high paying executive position and lost a fortune in the property crash of 2008 to 2010 when I lost all of my rental property portfolio. I was in a mess.

He came out of the blue on SKYPE and said he wanted to join me online and wanted me to teach him how to succeed using the internet.

He was a very successful offline network marketer earning $1000’s  a month but wanted to make some changes and particularly wanted to look at multiple streams of income strategies which my humble member site offered.

He found me with a simple google search and that began a period of learning – not me to him, but him to me.

I had begun to develop an internet mlm and affiliate marketing business which was beginning to give me a decent income but nowhere near enough to recover my debt situation.

In reality I was not making a huge amount of money each month from my internet opportunity and blog but that all changed after he joined me.

That stranger became my very, very good friend, Raymond, and our business partnership blossomed into decent 5 figures a year for me and a very high 6 figures for him leading him to 7 figures.

You see – friends were previously strangers.

The opportunity we shared together was ENAGIC  which we began in August 2011 – this is STILL my primary business. You can check that out HERE.  if you would like.

Since that day many strangers have entered my business life and have become firm friends, from the UK to Italy, from America to the Far East…. friends and colleagues in over 20 countries and customers in over 30. It has been an adventure.

I want to be the stranger who became YOUR friend who helps you along the way to achieving YOUR potential.

Since creating this blog I have managed to build a significant list of entrepreneurs, searching for a solution to achieve their financial dreams and time freedom and a lifestyle that they aspire to.

Many have gone on to achieve that. The systems I am offering enable just that – an laptop/mobile phone lifestyle that could be operated from anywhere in the world!

Not all of them join me in my primary business but ALL of them, it seems, seek strategies on how to achieve income goals from the internet. And that is exactly what I have tried to offer, whether they join my primary business or not.

Many people ask me how to get started online . I believe it is to maximise social media right now.

So always I am searching for programmes that help people to get strategies that work at a price people can afford to enter .

I promote a couple of programmes but the one I would recommend to absolute beginners right now is DISCOVER HEAL. Why? Well just for joining there is trickle down income. It is not strictly MLM it is an Affiliate Marketing programme delivering Lifestyle, Health and Marketing Training programmes which are both uplifting personally whilst offering a social media marketing strategies that will fit any business.


Here is what is on offer as a HEAL VIP:


  • Access to one of the most explosive & dynamic online communities in the world
  • Mingle with some of the industries biggest influencers
  • Your position in one of the fastest growing online companies
  • Access to some of the most powerful training & personal growth videos ever created
  • Grandfather your position and never have to pay more​Ability to participate in our explosive compensation plan
  • Exclusive access & re-sale rights to all of our mind blowing auto-immune system products
  • Instant access to your own professional copy & paste marketing system
  • Tons of high-impact social media content you can share with a single click of a buttonYour own personally branded commerce engine
  • Access to some of the most EPIC live events in the industr
  • Being part of a company with hearth and integrity that you can be proud to share
  • Customer service center
  • Earn lifetime commissions on EVERYTHING!
  • Plus so much more…




My Story is not an exceptional one and I do not have exceptional talent or gifts. I just took a step in a direction as prompted by a friend and since then I have done all I can to follow in his example.
Do you want to know more: Join me on FACEBOOK HERE and message me with your questions.

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