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A few years back I thought I had cracked this Network Marketing business because for quite a while I was one of the top recruiters in my chosen business and I thought life was going to be all fine and dandy.

I was bringing in up to 30 or more people in a month and my status within that community was sky high, but in reality the income coming in was minimal and because it was a low ticket mlm  paid out on monthly susbcriptions my income could be measured in $100’s not $1000’s! Not only that, but the churn rate was nearly as much as my incoming monthly sales. So I was treading water, and working hard to do so.

So when my friend introduced me to my current business it was worlds apart from where I was. I had to consider a big mindset challenge, affording the entry point and wondering if anyone else would follow me. Turned out 100’s did and the income was as if I had a downline of 8 or 9000 in a normal MLM network marketing business.

My team make a one off purchase, finance available and they have a business in a box global franchise, forever!! No monthly fees, no renewals, no annual membership – just purchase a one off, world class high ticket product and you have your business….. and we provide no credit check finance for most countries!!

So my residual income comes from worldwide sales by who knows who with a value of up to $1710 dollars directly to my bank account!! Actually, people can earn those type of commissions even when they haven’t even paid that much to join us!!

It took me a while to realise the enormous benefits of this kind of business model because I was used to selling products at very low prices in a network marketing business . Now I realise that it is much better to sell a small amount of  high ticket products a month than many sales of low ticket products. Especially in Network Marketing because most of the MLM models require your customers to purchase product every month for a decent income to be built and my experience was, as I said earlier that you get lots of cancellations so there is a constant recruitment pressure to maintain income.

With this kind of business model,  if you have 10 group sales a month at any level in a Network Marketing compensation plan, then that is at a very minimum, a replacement income for most people. How long does that take to build? Anything from 3 months to a year in my experience.


There are other programmes out there that you may wish to check out. For me though this is the one I am passionate about and the product is the best in class and it has helped 1000’s around the world to enjoy the health benefits of having a medical device in their home. You can read more about it in my blog post here:

To succeed with any business you need strategies and I have shared some of these in my Dream Builder guide and my Helpful Tools page. I use social media a lot and my current recommendation on branding and social media influencer training is  My LEAD SYSTEM PRO which is my platform of choice for Marketing training and development


But even at a mid range level in a big ticket network marketing compensation plan, 2 group sales (and not all your own) can bring you $2000 a month! That is life changing for many people. I know it was for me in the beginning!

My previous business was giving me $30 or so a sale each month.

To achieve a six figure monthly income with that model, I would need 333 sales a month, when in my current business I just need 6!!

And for most MLM opportunities $30 a month per customer is quite big!! I know people who deal in low ticket costing network marketing opportunities using part plan etc are only on 1% commission…. that sucks!

So my advice, my friends, is to shop around for the best big ticket Network Marketing Opportunity you can find and then go for it. It makes sense to go for quality over quantity in the end.

So, please check out your high ticket options – it makes sense. My Dream Builders Guide gives you more information on this subject and has a couple of recommendations for you to consider.

Have a successful day

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4 thoughts on “Big Ticket – Big Rewards”

  1. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is the way to go Peter no doubt about it.
    People who are working night and day online for $5-10-15-20 commissions are only working for those above them in the food chain.

    Get real commissions from a genuine top quality product and you’ll never look back.

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