6 Figure Income – Are You Ready To Work For It?

6 Figure Income – Are You Ready To Work For It?

Most Network Marketing training seems to be guiding entrepreneurs to aim for 6 figure a year income. It appears to be the measure of success in the industry, yet most people would be happy with a decent 5 figure income. $1000 to $5000 a month is not to be sniffed at, don’t you think.

I have many people in my network marketing team who are in that position as they get around $1000 for a direct or indirect sale of our middle of the range product.

So 6 figure incomes in a high ticket business, as I recommend, means you just need 5 t0 10 sales a month and in a network marketing environment these do not have to be direct sales as similar commissions are earned from the sales your team makes.

To make a 6 figure income from a low commission network marketing business is a far greater challenge as commissions can be as low as 10% and the requirements on bonuses are often pretty challenging too.

Affiliate marketing also offers high ticket options. I am contacted constantly via facebook messenger prospecting tactics to try to attract me into these opportunities. Most of them are internet marketing education programmes which are full of upsells and complicated courses and strategies. Easy to become overwhelmed and quit on some of these. The other element of Affiliate Marketing is that there are not indirect commissions. So you constantly have to make the sales yourself.

Currently 90% of my income comes from indirect sales because I did a ton of work at the beginning to build my business full of resellers who had 6 figure ambition.

Hard Work Is The Key To Success

Unfortunately all that “Get Rich Quick” nonsense doesn’t apply in the network marketing industry. It doesn’t matter what company or compensation plan you have committed to, if you are not willing to put in the effort you will not enjoy the kind of success those 6 and 7 figure earners achieve.

What do you need to do?

You need to prospect continually. You need to find those ambitious entrepreneurs who mirror your ambition. Who are they? Who do you know? We obviously need to start there.

You know what they teach. Write down your list and invite them to check out your stuff…. product and/or business plan.

My Enagic business started with a list of network marketers I built over quite a few years – low ticket businesses in the main. So it was a big adjustment to us to upgrade our thinking but by the time I was in the business a year I was seeking new people to join me.

Within 2 years momentum had been achieved and my income wasn’t so much dependent upon MY efforts but the efforts of my team. That is the beauty about the network marketing industry.

Work hard at the beginning and you create momentum that you benefit from well into the future.

How much time are you devoting to your network marketing business to achieve your goals? Are you serious about achieving a 6 figure income?

This is THE video that will guide you to what is needed for any network marketer to do that. It is my best recommendation for anyone who is serious about building a serious income within our industry.

No matter what product or network marketing company you represent.

My best recommendation with this is to have your compensation plan at hand and a notepad so you can begin to record what the action you are preprepared to take will give you in terms of compensation and your team build.

I watch this on a regular basis and I encourage my team to watch this in the same way. Many of my team have attended Eric Worre’s Go Pro seminars as a result.

And the impact that has been created in their lives is massive. They gain a real understanding of what is required to succeed but they are given strategies on how to achieve it.

So Now My Question Is – Are Your Serious?

Are you really ambitious? Are you prepared to work hard to achieve a big goal?

It is a question I ask of myself quite often too. Pete, are you happy to continue as you are or do you want to go to the next level?

So my answer right now is: YES! I aim to have another 90 day AOMA and I seek new, ambitious entrepreneurs to to that too.

I will watch Eric again and I will set my new goals and action plans and I invite you to do the same. Why not join me in our Facebook group HERE and let’s compare notes on how we are doing. Ask me any questions so that I can help you.

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