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I just wanted to share a few thoughts on how I think you should build a successful network marketing team. It doesn’t matter how you develop new sales or find new team members in a network marketing business, keeping them involved, motivated and present to the opportunity that exists for a long term future with your business means you need to build relationships based on trust and the provision of value.

Attracting people into YOUR business means YOU have to represent  YOURSELF as a person that they can depend on for the training needed to begin their business in the right way. You need to be a resource for them, no matter whether they are a directly recruited member to you, or are downlines way down in your team.
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I have found that supporting people very deep in my organisation builds a longer lasting business than simply selling front line and not being able to support them.

If You Want A Network Marketing Pension Then Build Deep and Make Everyone Count!

I was listening to Brian Tracey , the great business coach on my flight over to my company convention in Japan. He was outlining the secrets of beginning a successful business. I love Brian Tracey and I used a lot of his training on goal setting in the 1990’s for my business. Seems a long time ago but still it is relevant today.

Anyway, I was particularly taken with his outlining to people considering starting any new business, of the hardship they may face in the beginning and that most businesses take 4 to 5 years before success in terms of a financial reward are achieved. I can certainly vouch for the fact that network marketing is not a “get rich quick” scheme, but it can be a very lucrative business model if people see it as a long term, legacy building business opportunity.

I see many people who refer to themselves as network marketers who are just fishing for “the Golden Opportunity” where they make money from simply finding a new opportunity that will make them rich in 3 months!! So you see people losing credibility all the time from switching from one opportunity to another!

Or worse still, and it is only my opinion, are the people who promote a network marketing opportunity and then on the basis of “multiple streams of income” promote another and another and another!! It is my opinion that you need to choose the right company, the right product, sponsor and compensation plan for you and then stick with it! Promote a second network marketing company and then what are those who trusted you to join the first one going to think? You sold them a pup that doesn’t work the first time round and the income and benefits were not enough for you to stick it out! Who trusts a guy like that. No!! Find one – stick to it! Or if you do move, do it for the right reasons for you AND your team!

A Team Means We Are Working Together For Mutual Benefit!

You are not a leader if you don’t build a team spirit and lead from the front. If you are a “seller” in network marketing, you won’t build a long lasting business. If you recruit only and rely on your company resources to help you team rather than your personal input, then they will die on the vine.

People use the word TEAM too often to refer to their network marketing organisation, when in fact they are just representing your total sales and no relationships are being built and no personal teaminput into their training and development is forthcoming from the so called team leader.

I like to think of myself as a servant leader – incredibly described by Tony Robbins here – BEING A HERO IS BEING A SERVANT . I hadn’t thought of myself in this way until a respected upline described me as such to a full room I was training in Singapore. But what I do know, is no matter what I think of myself and brand myself as, THE most important opinion of me is the opinion of my network marketing team!!!

How do I occur to them? What image am I portraying that will first of all attract them to join my business and what do they see in me that will help them make the most of THEIR business.

Today, I write this from a hotel in Kyoto, Japan. I have travelled 18 hours from my home in the UK to be at my company convention. Why? Because I need to learn more and more about my product, my company and to be an example to my team!

I am ALL IN! No one is going to be able to accuse me of not leading from the front, providing training and motivation for my team,  because I am investing in my long term legacy and the more people see that my hard work and commitment pays off, the more people just like me I will attract into my business.

And it isn’t just about attracting people direct to you! It is about helping people as deep as necessary to find those people within our organisation that you didn’t recruit yourself!

My most successful team leaders are 3 t0 8 levels below me! Some of them are under sponsors who gave up!!!

These are just a few thoughts prior to me launching a brand new service for network marketing enthusiasts over the coming weeks. I am not outwardly promoting my opportunity, obviously you would be very welcome, just some ideas and tools I use to build my network marketing business across the world with teams developing in over 20 countries.

I believe network marketing IS a legitimate business model if there is real integrity within the organisation, excellent corporate governance and a strong sponsor led team development programme.

I also believe it gives you an excellent opportunity to build a global, long lasting business from home from your laptop, telephone or tablet. No premises costs or employees etc.

It has given me freedom to choose to do what I want, when I want and where I want to be every single day of the week!

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and perhaps join me on the social networks and contribute to the debate.

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  1. Great to know you Pete Chapman and your team, we have met several times and I have to admire your leadership with your team and help and guide them through succeed in our kangen business, as I have mentioned before, I should have been in your team and definitely my team will be more successful and faster in our network business, once again thank you for your support and guidance!move forward every step of the way…

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