Rapport Building, Prospecting and Closing Strategy


The faster you grow your audience and build relationships, the faster you will grow your business.

And the faster you CONNECT , meaning build rapport and trust with a new prospect, the faster you can start talking business and close them.

The best prospects , in my opinion are people who already in the industry. Why? Because they already understand the industry, the business models and understand about compensation plans.

Anywhere network marketers/online marketers hang out on Facebook is a great place to connect with prospects

  • Big Leaders and Marketers Fan Pages
  • REAL networking groups, the groups that say “NO SPAMMING” – this group is for those who actually want to Network
  • Other marketers posts
  • Niche groups, Health and Wellness, Travel , beauty and so on

Your fist connection with a new friend is very important. It sets the tone for your relationship so take the time to look at the persons time line and LEARN about them. Find some Commonalities you have with this person or find something engaging to ask or comment about and send them a friend request.

Same goes if THEY have sent YOU a friend request!

Come up with something more engaging than ” I see we are like minded individuals” which only tells your new friend that THEY are just a sale to you and that you probably sent the same message to 100 others that day.

Then ENGAGE! Have a short conversation without talking business and get to know this person.

And let them get to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you!

Ask questions to find out what they need so that you know what to offer.

Once you know their needs and or pain, you frame your offer around it. You present your offer as a solution.

If you offer your products, service or business opportunity BEFORE you even KNOW what this person needs YOU ARE PITCHING!

BUT, when you have taken the time to find out what your prospects needs and pains are then you are simply offering a solution!

Entirely different! Your prospect perceives it entirely differently and you will get a lot more YES’s


CONNECT with people in the industry you become a leader in. Connect with people that have interests in the solutions you offer.

Example, if you sell health and wellness, find people who are interested in healthy lifestyles


Build Rapport, trust and credibility fast! Find something in common to build the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor


Transition the conversation to business by asking conversational questions about how long they have had a home business, been in the profession, how they are enjoying it etc.


Start digging. ASK slightly more personal questions to find your prospects needs or pain


Offer your solution (your products, services or business opportunity) that solves THEIR challenges , problems and pains,