My New Focus – Kangen Water For Health and Business

My New Focus – Kangen Water For Health and Business

I have been an Enagic distributor now for over 10 years. It has been the main source of network marketing and retail income for me in all that time. I have dabbled with other things but always Kangen Water has been there for me. It has helped me overcome health problems and also helped me out of serious financial difficulty between 2011 and 2013. I avoided bankruptcy after the terrible property crash and redundance and my problems with Diverticular disease and the after effects of Kidney Cancer were a small miracle in my life.

Now , having just turned 74 and in my 75th year on the planet I have stripped back my business interests and focussing locally on my Kangen Business. I use a simple 1 page website and google ads and this enables people who are searching for Kangen Water to find me and I simply share act as a kind of Uber Kangen Taxi driver delivering FREE water trials within half an hour from my house.

I meet new people every almost every day, people who often need help with their health. I offer them to enjoy a FREE 14 day trial and build those LIKE, KNOW, TRUST relationships as we go along.

People find out about Kangen Water from many different sources. Recently a well know Strong Man Competitor, Eddie Hall recommended Kangen Water to his Youtube audience and I have had many referrals from that.

Others are researching because of illness. So I often help people use the water in their homes so they can make a judgement before they buy.


So I am slowing down and enjoying a little me time but still serving in my local area and helping my global team, whereever they are.

Kangen Water has helped me travel the world. I have presented training and product and business presentations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Israel, United States and Italy as well as across the United Kingdom. If I am invited that may happen again but I am not seeking to be busy.

I hope to be travelling more next year now that we are able to overcome the Covid-19 restrictions. Starting with Thailand in January for a few weeks and then definitely the United States to visit my son but I hope to get a cruise in at some point too.

Yes, I am investing a little in Crypto Currencies but not in any MLM, just personal choices based on my own research and following some people who see to know their way round that industry.

Isn’t it the MLM/Network Marketing Dream to be able to enjoy the fruits of your effort? Well, that is where I am at. I am receiving enough residual and retail income from Enagic to slow down and realise that there is more to life than chasing money.

I am thinking of writing a book or starting another blog just for fun. I will be thinking about that whilst I am in Thailand in January, relaxing in the sunshine, picking fruit in our Thai Garden and enjoying life on our terrace in the shade drinking a beer or two.

Oh, and I will be playing lots of golf too.

If you would like to know more about Kangen Water or joining me in my Kangen business, you will be get in touch.

Meanwhile, have a great day and all the very best in your endeavours.


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2 thoughts on “My New Focus – Kangen Water For Health and Business”

    1. Thanks Barbara.
      I am enjoying helping people locally. Meeting new people. Enjoying new purpose. People come to me. I don’t chase. If it happens it happens.
      Of course 1 sale equals €1050 so I don’t need so many to make a decent income.

      I hope you can soon enjoy that too

      God bless


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