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Building a Global Business from Your Laptop Requires Tools.

You can Build a House by yourself with Hammer & Nails or You can Leverage Power Tools and Systems, and Realize Your Dream Quicker

Which Do You Choose?

Trusted Internet Marketing Tools of the Trade


I frequently get asked what are the most Trusted Tools I use on a daily basis to have been able to build a Six-Figure ‘Direct Sales’ Business that spans the Globe in just a few years.

It really is not a big secret.

If you’ve stumbled upon me on the internet, and have read any of my content or seen any of my posts and they led you back to this website, you’ll realize I use a handful of Tried and True Marketing Tools that help me build my business around the clock, even if I’m enjoying a game of Football on TV or if I’m out for a walk with my Dog.

Because of the tools I use, I am able to continue collecting email addresses from people who are interested in joining my Business, even if I’m driving to London to Glasgow for a Seminar or business presentation.

And as I’ve mentioned before, if you copy exactly what I’ve done, in the way of my online marketing setup, you’ll soon find yourself generating lots of leads and interested prospects who are just a step away from handing you their payment to join your business with you and it’s because of the work I’ve already done ahead of time.

(Oh and You’ll be able to make some extra money in the form of multiple streams of income too, if you do exactly as I show you!)

None of this would be possible without a few essential tools.

Now one quick disclaimer: I only recommend tools I use myself so you can rest assured that all tools listed on this page come highly recommended.









Must Have Home Business Tools & Training

Dream Builders Ultimate Guide

Of Course I am going to recommend that you download a FREE Copy of my ‘Dream Builders Ultimate Guide‘ where I go into more details about how I built a Global Business in just a few years, broke ground on our NEW Home in Thailand where we will live out and enjoy retirement, how to use specific models, tools and smart business strategy to make larger amounts of money in a shorter amount of time, and so much more. I go into greater details on how you can copy exactly what I’ve done.

Aweber Email Marketing Autoresponder

Building a list and sending emails to new subscribers is like having your very own super powers to communicate to thousands of people with the push of a button.

I have used this great mailer for more than 10 years. It has helped me build list after list. I recommend it to all of my team! If you are going to build a list then this is the tool to use.

Lead Capture Pages to Build Your List & Sell Your Products/Services

Click funnels is the only Lead Capture Page Software on the market that is designed to create massive team duplication online fast! It is the ONLY Lead Capture and Funnel System currently on the market that allows it’s members to create and SHARE funnels easily with their Teams. With endless options, you can create Lead Capture Pages, Sales Funnels, Webinar Pages, Membership Site, Sell your products and so much more. But truly the best part is when you create a funnel, and you sign up a new team member, all you have to do is give them a share link and not only does that automatically create a funnel for THEM but it also results in a bonus 40% Residual commission for you!

You can test the waters with a 14 Day FREE Trial!

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Elite Marketing Pro

Elite Marketing Pro is a global community of over 50,000 active small business entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries who share a common dream: do what you love, earn unlimited income, and work from anywhere in the world by building a “lifestyle business”, through digital marketing.

I’ve linked up a fabulous bootcamp below that will jumpstart your digital marketing business a.k.a. Laptop Lifestyle, I think you will really enjoy.


Peter is Not only a Family Man, but he is an Accomplished Network Marketer

I met Pete Chapman in October 2015 and started working with him in January 2016 after seeing the unshakable belief he has in what he does.

He is first and foremost a family man, then the most consummate and accomplished Professional Network marketer I have ever met.

I think the key to his continuing success is the fact that he treats his team as his family and goes out of his way to help everyone he can.

The words, kindness, patience, dedication, hard work and perseverance just about manage to sum him up.  We have much to achieve together but I am in the right hands.

Ayo Johnson

CEO , Velvet Rope Service

We are Grateful to have Such a Wonderful Mentor and Friend

I met Pete Chapman , through a good friend Raymond Sun, he talked highly of Pete especially his expertise in the field of Online Marketing.

Two great leaders are helping our USA Team. Pete came to Chicago twice to support and met the team.

My husband and I are grateful to have such wonderful mentor and a friend forever. Pete you rock!!!”

Ruth Amponin

Network Marketing Professional

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