In Business, It’s about People. 

It’s About Relationships.

On this page you will find some kind words

from Business Partners and Colleagues.

If you want to go fast, go alone, If you want to go far, go with others.

Praise from Business Partners & Colleagues

Peter is Not only a Family Man, but he is an Accomplished Network Marketer

I met Pete Chapman in October 2015 and started working with him in January 2016 after seeing the unshakable belief he has in what he does.

He is first and foremost a family man, then the most consummate and accomplished Professional Network marketer I have ever met.

I think the key to his continuing success is the fact that he treats his team as his family and goes out of his way to help everyone he can.

The words, kindness, patience, dedication, hard work and perseverance just about manage to sum him up.  We have much to achieve together but I am in the right hands.

Ayo Johnson

CEO , Velvet Rope Service

We are Grateful for Such a Wonderful Mentor and Friend!

“I met Pete Chapman , through a good friend Raymond Sun, he talked highly of Pete especially his expertise in the field of Online Marketing. Two great leaders are helping our USA Team. Pete came to Chicago twice to support and met the team. My husband and I are grateful to have such wonderful mentor and a friend forever. Pete you rock!!!”

Ruth Amponin

Business Colleague

Peter is Patient & Understanding, He Makes You Feel At Ease.

Pete has helped me in many ways over the last 18 months. He is patient and understanding of others’ frustrations and difficulties in business. I know that his offers of help are genuine and I know that any time I call he will help the best he can, he makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

Pete is a kind and caring man and it shines through in his dealings with others.

Sue Ogden

Business Colleague

Peter Has Always Supported me in anyway He Can!

Working with you for the last two years has been great. You were always their for me and my family. You had always supported me  in any way you can…ever so grateful…

Lalaine Soliva

Business Colleague

Peter is an Encouraging Leader

2010 was the year I met Pete online. I had just finished COGMED treatment and had increased my short term memory by 20%, which was a massive leap for me having been left in a dark silent world since 1988 due to a car accident that had left me with Traumatic Brain Injury.

In 2012, with encouragment from Pete, I entered into a business partnership that has not only helped change my life but has given me confidence and passion to strive on a become independent and a leader in my own right. Carving out my own way, finding barriers and working through them. Not ever giving up. Everyday putting one foot in front of the other, continually moving forward. Grateful for suggestions when I ask.

Leanne Whitehouse

Network Marketing Professional

Pete’s Coaching & Guidance Raised my Confidence Level!

Pete Chapman is a great coach in Internet Marketing.
We met many years back when we were part of a blogging community family. We became friends and Pete coached me and helped me find the right vehicle to succeed on the internet.
There onwards, I started promoting high ticket product and got most of my business from people I don’t know which I did not truly believed that it will work for me.
With Pete’s coaching and guidance, the results really raised my confident level. He is truly a coach who can take you to the next level.
Pearly Quah

Network Marketing Professional

Pete is the Consummate Networker with Years of Experience

Peter Chapman, “Pete” to those who know him, is the consummate networker with many years’ experience in the networking business.  Pete has an in-depth knowledge of how to market a business, how to gain and keep customers and how to provide exemplary assistance, help and encouragement.

If you are thinking of becoming involved in the networking business then Pete is the man to turn to.  He is very approachable and will give you all the help necessary to get a successful business off the ground. Pete will provide ongoing assistance and motivation and will not let you down – as I know personally through working with him.

Nigel Turner

Network Marketing Professional

Pete Has Always Helped Me and is Always Encouraging

I have known Pete for about 5 years now and I find that he has been very professional and helpful.

He is my mentor in a few ventures together and I find that he is always there to provide support and is always available to help.

Pete has helped me in many ways and is always encouraging.

If you have the opportunity, I encourage you  to join him as he is the best mentor that I have ever had

Simon Loi

Network Marketing Professional

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