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The father of network marketing was Jim Rohn in my opinion. I never got a chance to meet him or attend one of his live seminars but having attended a Tony Robbins event and finding out Jim Rohn was his mentor I knew I needed to check him out. If after you have read this post you wish more information about Jim Rohn’s teaching you can visit his website here:

I listended to the Youtube audio by Jim on Building Your Network Marketing Business and found it inspiring. I was again introduced to this masterpiece of Network Marketing wisdom by a network marketing leader who taught my UK group in a seminar recently. He quoted his learning from this same audio and shared his understanding of it. So I would like to share some of that wisdom with you.

I think Jim’s most famous observation on life is that it is within our gift to decide how we overcome problems or difficulties, “It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go. That it is no what happens to us that determines our life future but what we do about it that matters.

It is those of us who rise the challenges facing us that succeed not those of us who give up when faced with a hurdle or difficulty facing our business.

I remember hearing from Tony Robbins that success in life is usually about good judgement and that good judgement comes from experience and indeed experience is gained from bad judgement or errors. This is as Jim

Rohn shares when he said, “My philosophy changed to correct the errors of my past.”

In a network marketing context I am sure we all make mistakes, whether we are experienced or not. Well, two masters in Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins share with us their wisdom on this. It is a question of changing our direction in a way that is positive when faced with adversity or problems. Change our philosophy as Jim shares.

I remember when I was involved with a network marketing opportunity that pulled the plug. Success University seemed to fit everything I cherished in regard to personal development and I found a mentor who educated me on the skills I needed to market it successfully. I had just started to achieve success with it when the company was pulled. Huge disappointment but I didn’t stop, I found something else and now I have found my network marketing home and can share my experience and learning with others. I changed the set of my sail and now I am on a different, more successful course.

The other thing I took away from the audio is that if you do something often, a ratio will appear. As you learn and practice the skills you need for building your network marketing business your ratios will improve. This can be true of Facebook Ad Clicks, Email opens, meeting invites, sales conversions, meeting attendances. If you keep going and sustain a regular activity your ratio will appear. This is encouraging, right? You know that when you keep going , gradually your results will improve and you will know what results you will average following your consistent activity.

I will share the whole audio below. I urge you to listen to it.  I share it with my team often. There is much to learn from it. Take notes. Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would be very interested to hear from you on what you take from Jim’s wisdom.

Building Your Network Marketing Business – Jim Rohn

I am sure you have enjoyed these few minutes with the Network Marketing master philospher, Jim Rohn. Please share your thoughts below

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