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Elite Marketing Pro is a global community of over 50,000 active small business entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries who share a common dream: do what you love, earn unlimited income, and work from anywhere in the world by building a “lifestyle business”, through digital marketing.

I’ve linked up a fabulous bootcamp HERE that will jumpstart your digital marketing business a.k.a. Laptop Lifestyle, I think you will really enjoy.

You probably already know that our industry is full of hype and self-proclaimed gurus, selling bad and often dangerous advice to others. And that’s putting it mildly.

It’s often hard to tell crap from the real thing, I know, I bought most of it!

But when I was searching for tools and resources to help my readers succeed with an internet or network marketing business, I rolled back my experience and remembered my first success story.

It was through the teachings of Magnetic Sponsoring with Tim Erway and Mike Dillard.

I learned about creating capture pages, generating traffic, building relationships through email marketing and all sorts of other cool stuff. So I went back to Tim and I am so thrilled to find that Magnetic Sponsoring has been improved to such an extent that it is the “go to” resource for anyone who has real ambition in making money on the internet but does not have the tools or the experience to make the most of this incredible platform.

What You Get With Elite Marketing Pro

  • Page Creator Pro Website Builder ($297/yr Value)
  • Private Members Community Mastermind ($997/yr Value)
  • EMP Weekly LIVE ‘HOT SEAT’ Webinars ($997/yr Value)
  • EMP Weekly ‘Begin to Win’ Webinar ($997/yr Value)
  • EMP Monthly Insider Advanced Marketing ($997/yr Value)
  • Three 1-on-1 Mindset & Marketing Coaching Sessions ($997/yr Value)
  • License to 8 EMP Lead Capture & Sales Systems ($997/yr Value)
  • 4-Step Fast-Start to Online Success Guide (Priceless)
  • Invite to Elite Marketing Pro Insider Affiliate Program (Priceless)

All for just $297 a year!

Plus, you get to share that with others to gain affiliate income from those who choose to follow you. Online education and training plus affiliate commissions!

How can you go wrong?


Who better to learn from than a guy who has helped students reach  6-Figure, 7-Figure, and some even 8-Figure internet empires.

Tim developed a bulletproof system that can predictably and consistently crank out leads, sales, and create big paydays, even if you’re brand spanking new and haven’t made a dime online yet.

Recently he recorded a video with all the details explaining exactly how he was able to sell Tens of Millions of Dollars worth of products online… and how ANYONE can use the exact same system to get rapid results.

You can check it out right here. WATCH TIM ERWAY VIDEO HERE

So if you are not making the kind of income from the internet that you feel you deserve, then get smart and learn from the best! Be an Elite Marketing Pro!

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