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(Just a Simple Bloke, with Big Dreams)

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“It starts with Being Kind.

Kindness never goes out of style, and it’s the core philosophy of all my Relationships’.”


Get To Know Me 


My name is Pete Chapman and I am a Leading Global Marketer and a Six Figure Earner in the Direct Sales Industry. I have a passion for business and helping people transform their health and wealth. I’m living proof that even if you are average, come from a humble background or are already ‘more mature’, to say it nicely =) it’s never too late to make your dreams come true.


A Little Bit More About Me

Despite my Success in the Direct Sales Industry, I (surprisingly) do not have a background in sales or marketing.

I spent my early years in the Royal Air Force, serving in the United Kingdom, The Maldive Islands and Singapore.

My knowledge of South East Asia has come in useful for my Global business as I now have key business partners in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

I developed a keen interest in sports in the RAF.

I played at a reasonably high level of Squash and Badminton and also played football, volleyball, rugby, water polo and anything else that would get me out of work!

So my interest in sport played a big part in my next career of sports centre management.
I began working in local authority sports centres and did this for a long while, culminating in my last position as a Head of Service with a local council in North Yorkshire, UK.

In that post I managed a number of departments including Leisure, Property Services, Parks and Gardens and Bereavement Services.

So along the  way I found my new career in network marketing.

Why did I do that?

Well, I wanted an income to supplement my low income within my chosen career and also help my future pension.

I began looking at online network marketing companies because that enabled me to work from my home office without effecting my work and family.

I created successful teams with Success University and then the Global New Plan Network.

I created multiple streams of income member sites and used success strategies with Email Marketing, Word Press Blogging and Social Media networking.
One of my business partners in the Global New Plan Network,  introduced me to a High-Ticket Direct Sales Opportunity with a Reputable Company in the Health Niche, and I made it part of my home business portfolio.

You’ll Discover in my Guide how having the proper business models and using the right tools can fast-track your results if you are looking to supplement your income, sooner than later.

I became full-time in 2013.

Well, when I say full time, I am really very part time but I get a full time income.
It has turned out to be the best career move I could have ever made!

I’m a Father, Grandfather, & I’ve been fortunate to find Love for the 2nd Time.

I am a proud father and grandfather of 3 children and 9 grandchildren. I love them all and cherish the times we are all together. We recently went on a camping trip together to Cornwall in the South of England. 13 of us in 3 tents! We had a great time.

My oldest two children, Stephen and Laura both live in the U.K. and my youngest son, Jack lives in Phoenix, Arizona.
I have recently married for the second time to the lovely, Yada after a period of widowhood following the very sad passing of my wife Barbara, mother of all my children.

Both my wife, Yada and eldest son, Stephen, are involved with me in our Direct Sales business.

I love walking in the countryside with my dog, Rosie and especially love time in the garden, doing my best to create an English cottage garden.

After re-marrying, my wife and I had a dream to build a custom home in her native country of Thailand so that we could retire comfortably without financial worry. There is no way we would have ever been able to do this had it not been for the Internet Strategies and Direct Sales business I’ve been building for the last few years.

I am happy to report that thanks to leveraging the power of the internet, Implementing Lead Generation Strategies, Relying on Blogging and a strong internet presence, as well as engaging in offline activity, we have recently broken ground on our very own Custom Home.

It really is a dream come true.


Building a Business That Supports the Life you Want To Live

By now you are probably wondering how I was able to create a global empire, at the young age of 70-something, and where I get the energy to keep on growing my dreams.

Like I mentioned before, using proper business models that create a significant cashflow and using the power of the Internet, tools and business strategy, I have been able to expand my business globally, and on a typical day, I receive numerous enquiries from people who already know about my business, already want to get started, and are just looking to finalise the details so they can join my Team.

I’ve written more extensively about it in my FREE GUIDE as my wish is to pass along the torch of Online Direct Sales and Network Marketing Success.

The truth is, I’m just an average bloke. I’m a hard worker and I’m not the flashy type. You won’t see me bragging about how much money I make, or any of the sort.  I am not about hype or any of that silly stuff.

I just wanted to finish and live life well.

There is plenty of room for #KIND entrepreneurs who want to leave their mark in the world and build a business that they love from anywhere in the world. I also believe a business should not consume every minute of the day.

I enjoy walking my dogs, and watching football, and traveling with my wife.

My Dream was to build a peaceful life, one that I didn’t need to escape from, but rather, one that just afforded me the simple joys and created the Time Freedom for me to do so.

My Goal, as your Virtual mentor, is to help set you free.

If you resonate and would like to learn more, download my free Guide below and take the first step by learning how to setup just a few simple tools that will help you start creating a flexible business you can take with you anywhere around the world.

I look forward to meeting with you, and maybe even working with you soon…

And Remember..




Peter is Always there To Help

Peter Chapman, my friend, mentor and business partner. Pete is always there to give you a helping hand. Proud to know you.


Network Marketing Professional

“Peter is an Encouraging Leader”

2010 was the year I met Pete online. I had just finished COGMED treatment and had increased my short term memory by 20%, which was a massive leap for me having been left in a dark silent world since 1988 due to a car accident that had left me with Traumatic Brain Injury.

In 2012, with encouragment from Pete, I entered into a business partnership that has not only helped change my life but has given me confidence and passion to strive on a become independent and a leader in my own right. Carving out my own way, finding barriers and working through them. Not ever giving up. Everyday putting one foot in front of the other, continually moving forward. Grateful for suggestions when I ask.

Leanne Whitehouse

Network Marketing Professional

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