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Welcome!  I’m Pete Chapman. As a Successful Business Builder in the Network Marketing Industry, my wish is to help ‘action takers’ like  you finally make your dreams come true. I’m just a simple man whose quietly created an amazing life and comfortable retirement, thanks to Direct Sales and the Power of Internet Marketing.


Download my free ‘Dream Builders Ultimate Guide’ and discover the exact tools and ‘Smart Business Strategies’ I use daily to grow a Wildly Successful Business that spans across the Globe mostly from my laptop. (even if you come from a modest background or are brand new online).

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Are You Ready To Turn Your Dreams into Reality and Grow Your Direct Sales Business from anywhere in the World with Your Laptop? Discover the 5 Tools I use Daily to Fast-Track My Network Marketing Business Online & Break Ground on My Dream 'Retirement' Home.

Allow Me to be Your Virtual Mentor Who can Help Guide You to the Global Expansion of Your Network Marketing Business Online, with Your Laptop, using the Power of the Internet & Smart Business Strategy.

Break-Free from the Workforce

After Leaving my High-Stress Corporate Job over 7 Years ago, I’ve been working ONLINE and have been doing it ever since. My Network Marketing Career has transformed me from a relatively Quiet low-key person, who never dreamed of speaking in front of people, to coming out of my shell and sharing my passion for this business on stages, in front of hundreds of people.

You deserve to discover who you are and the power you have to impact others. Breaking free from the workforce has afforded me opportunities that were only once dreams, but have steadily become my daily reality. If a regular bloke like me can do it, so can you!

Travel The World

Traveling the World has been one of the most exciting perks of my Network Marketing Career. Working a regular job, most people, are only able to take a couple of weeks off for Holiday and the other 50 weeks of the year are spent behind a desk or enclosed in a work cubicle. I’m here to assure you, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether you are still young, or nearing Retirement age like I was when I discovered this industry, You can travel the world and still run your business from your Laptop and an internet connection. Using Smart Business Strategies I am able to continue growing my business, sponsoring new team members and expand my business across the globe, 24/7 , even when I’m on Holiday.

Build Lasting Relationships

At the heart of a well lived, fulfilling life, are the relationships we build with other people. I’m happy to say that I have wonderful friends in countless countries and many of us met using the power of the internet. As you know, the Direct Sales industry is all about building relationships with people. Sometimes that can prove difficult, especially if you are limited to a geographical location.

Inside my free guide you’ll discover how I’ve used smart business systems and simple online strategies to connect with people from all of the world, who have partnered with me to grow this Global Legacy. Once you learn how easy it is to attract people into your business, even when you’re sleeping or your laptop is turned off, you will have wished you had learned sooner!

 Make Your Dreams Come True!

The Truth is, I don’t train tigers for a living, but I certainly enjoy adventure! Life moves fast and if you blink, you can miss it, and if you’re stuck in your office, waiting for retirement to come along, for some, it may too late. This is why I urge you to start now! Begin working on your Dreams now because they Do Come true. I invite you to learn more about me on My About page and you’ll discover through my life experience that it is NEVER too late to make your dreams a reality.

Just a few years ago, tragedy struck my world, and it forced me to focus on growing my business more and finding smarter ways to grow it bigger and faster. One of my dreams was to build a home so I could Retire in Thailand with my Lovely wife. And not only are we wrestling tigers for fun (just kidding) but we have just broke ground and in the process of building our new home.

Download my Free Guide and I will show you the tools and business systems that will  help you create the freedom and fulfillment you’ve been searching for.


Peter is Always there To Help

Peter Chapman, my friend, mentor and business partner. Pete is always there to give you a helping hand. Proud to know you.


Network Marketing Professional

“Peter is an Encouraging Leader”

2010 was the year I met Pete online. I had just finished COGMED treatment and had increased my short term memory by 20%, which was a massive leap for me having been left in a dark silent world since 1988 due to a car accident that had left me with Traumatic Brain Injury.

In 2012, with encouragment from Pete, I entered into a business partnership that has not only helped change my life but has given me confidence and passion to strive on a become independent and a leader in my own right. Carving out my own way, finding barriers and working through them. Not ever giving up. Everyday putting one foot in front of the other, continually moving forward. Grateful for suggestions when I ask.

Leanne Whitehouse

Network Marketing Professional

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About Pete.

My name is Pete Chapman and I am a Leading Global Marketer and a Six Figure Earner in the Direct Sales Industry. I have a passion for business and helping people transform their health and wealth. I’m living proof that even if you are average, come from a humble background or are already ‘more mature’, to say it nicely =) it’s never too late to make your dreams come true.


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